Dr. Agnes Trzak is an Activist-Scholar interested in all struggles against domination. She’s made a home in queer feminist antispeciesism. Her main goal is to disrupt and dismantle kyriarchy (which translates into the reign of the master), be it hidden in patriarchy, racism, ableism, speciesism or any other form of oppression.

During graduate school Agnes taught in the fields of Media and Communication Studies as well as International Relations and found space for anti-oppression work in most subjects she offered. Both her activist and scholarly/teaching work explore the process of animalisation and dehumanisation, and by extension what it means to be human, or rather human-enough in white, able, masculinist capitalism.

When she is not busy reading or writing, giving talks and workshops, she is either organising with the Anti-Speciesist Collective or working as a counsellor with women, queer people and vegans. Support me on Patreon.